Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaack : UPDATE

Wow... its been awhile since i've posted anything! 2 years! Incredible! I know a blog is a hard thing to keep up on but 2 years since posting seems a little ridiculous... so apologies!I almost thought about restarting the blog and throwing in the towel, but I know how good it was for me to write, so I'll keep this up and give it another go.  A lot has happened in 2 years... I married the love of my life, Matthew , Sept 1st 2012. Above is a photo of me and my amazing bridesmaids trying to recreate the Bridesmaids movie cover. It was a fantastic day and I wouldn't redo a single thing about it. 

We're currently working on getting Matthew his visa so we're spending (unfortunately) some time apart... Hopefully by this summer, he'll be able to move over to the USA. I CANT WAIT TILL THEN! 

This Christmas, I went over to England and visited Matt and his family. Matt's parents  threw us a 2nd reception (pictures to come from that) . Also got to see the London New Years Day Parade which my sister Lorelei and her marching band were apart of. It was all pretty amazing and I miss it all!

I am also restarting school. I had been going to UWM for a Theatre degree but after rethinking everything and taking a break from school, I've decided to go back and start at Moraine Park Technical College , starting with a CNA course and then giving me the summer to decide between a Nursing course or Medical Assistant course. I feel this is a wise chose seeing as there will always be jobs in the medical field whereas the Theatre field is ALOT harder to find a job in. I love working with people and starting with the CNA course will start me on the right path . It also will guarantee that one of us between Matt and myself , will have a steady income and I can let Matt work his way up the Disney ladder once we make the move to Florida.

I've also recently been trying to find God. When I was first confirmed Catholic, i had never felt closer to God. Through the years, distance came between us and I know He's still here but I dont feel that connection I use to... In a way, I'm hoping this new path in my life will bring me closer Him and let me "walk with him". Fingers crossed!

Friday, February 25, 2011

DCP Update!

Well, It's high time I updated this thing.... so much has happend since my last post! I have offically gotten to FLORIDA!! I am soo excited to be back here! I really adore my job as a photopass photographer for Disney's Animal Kingdom! So far, I have had day shifts, since I am not yet Night Shot Trained yet. (Which will change as of TOMORROW, when i get that completed at Epcot with my amazing roomie Amanda!)
I truly adore my job as a photopass photographer and love thinking that familys may buy my pictures and have them to look at years into the future to recall their amazing vacations! It gives me a really great feeling :)
I cannot wait to be character trained as well, cuz to be honest, I'm already a little bored of taking pictures of the Tree of Life, as cool as it may be :P :)
My Mom and I have recently been working on the Fritsche Girls Disney VACA 2011 :D My Mom , my little sister Lorelei and I will have 5 fabulous days together and I couldnt be more excited! They will be flying out in June so only 95ish days till they are here! We will be stayieng @the Pop Century Resort (Which is closest to DAK, just a FYI ) and will be going to all of the parks, as well as Downtown Disney and one of the Disney Waterparks, which i am convinced will not be as fun as Noahs Ark, but we shall see!
We are also going to Cape May Cafe @ the Beach Club Resort for a character breakfast,as well as Ohanas, my absolute favorite restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort , which is located @the Polynesian Resort. It'll be amazing to just chill and hang out with them, seeing as we havent ever had a vacation anywhere just us girls.
I'm scouring the different stores in the parks, as well as the cast exclusive shops for a princess dress for Lorelei, seeing as shes 12 and this trip will be the last one where she can get away with wearing a dress to the parks!
Matt, on the other hand, isnt sure when precisely he'll be able to come visit me . Either in April or August depending on $ (Such a curse that stuff is when you DONT have it ).
I know for sure August we are going to D23 ( A disney convention) that happens at a convention center in Anaheim, CA, which gives us a perfect excuse to visit Disneyland ( Which I have NEVER BEEN TO! ) .....SHOCKER, I KNOW! I am very excited to see World of Color and see the differences between parks. This will be the 3rd disney park ive been to.
We will probably also visit my brother Zach and his girlfriend Anika out in Seattle as well, so it should be a good time. We hope to use my discount and go on a Disney Cruise on that trip as well, who knows?!
Well, my brain now hurts trying to recall a vast amount of information and its getting near bedtime so , so long and hope to write again sooner than last time!
Me xoxoxox

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There aint nothing gonna stop me now cause im almost there :D Almost there!


Its been quite awhile since I last posted, not that anyone really reads this, but I thought id update it for myself and and random personage who happen to pass my blog by.

(Me and My Guy)

Disneyland Paris was absolutely amazing! Matt and I spent 1 beautiful day in the parks, and the place was soooooooo quiet . Hardly any lines at all! The only ride we had to wait for was Crush Coaster and evidently according to Matt, that was a crazy short wait at only 20 minutes. I got to meet Princess Tiana and Jack Sparrow, both were a bit off... seeing as Tiana mysteriously had a British accent and was WHITE and Jack Sparrow spoke NO ENGLISH whatsoever. A few rides were better than WDW, such as Big Thunder since its longer with bigger drops, and Phantom Manor aka Haunted Mansion was not better, but very different and it was cool to see a different side to this type of ride. Overall, it was alot of fun, but with the guests all smoking everywhere, including on rides, it just wasnt as magical as WDW.

We then spent an adventerous night in Paris at the Aloha Hostel. Was about what i expected, although the website said the eiffel tour could be seen from the front door, which it totally could not... and it was a long walk to.

We got back from Paris and the next morning I flew back to the USA. I was so utterly depressed leaving Matt after spending so much time together. But I kept thinking happy thoughts and arrived in Wisconsin to stay with my grandparents for the night since Zach and I were both suprising the family, seeing as we had told them we both couldnt be home together... but sneakily, we were... mwahahaha!

We spent a few days together as a family with Zach's girlfriend Anika in both Milwaukee and Madison and then the love birds flew back to Seattle. Matt and I will be visiting them after the D23 Expo this coming September :D

NOW, onto the importants stuff... I leave for my Disney College Program in just 4 DAYS!!! O my Gosh! and I havent packed at all yet... I barely unpacked from being in England! AHHH crazy!

I'm very excited to meet all my roomates and suchness and get outta this ridiculously snowy wisconsin weather. I hate it! But to cheer myself up, I made a Vlog for all to enjoy which i will insert somewhere on this page. Took too long to put the vid itself on, but I shall link it on the Blog homepage... But for now, I better get packing!!!



Friday, December 10, 2010

Having a flu sucks.. but im trying to stay positive

Soooo.... getting sick SUCKS... my throat hurts, i have a massive headache and my nose is stuffed up. Joy of all joys.... and i have a MILLION THINGS TO GET DONE FOR NEXT WEEK... ehhhhhhhh not fun.

But all i can do is try to rest up while getting all my work done. I cant wait for next week to be over. Then, I'll have nothin but What the Dickens, Christmas, Disneyland Paris, Visiting family & Friends in Wisconsin, and then a full 8 months in Disney to look forward to!! :D

Speaking of What the Dickens,to clarify, it is a Christmas variety show and I have a solo ( Santa Baby) Matt has a solo and then we have a duet ( Baby It's Cold Outside) We have to find some backing tracks for the songs still ... but We've been practicing and its really coming together!

Christmas should also be fun!I get to spend time with Matt's family in Sheffield. After What the Dickens, I get to stay in Sheffield with his family for a week. I'm really excited to hang out with them. They make me already feel like one of the family, and are so funny and caring. Not to mention his house is completley MICKEY MOUSE and so cute! I love it! :D

Then comes Disneyland Paris.... cant wait to go. I've heard its different than Walt Disney World, but similar enough that I'll love it.. I definantly cant wait to go on Crush's Coaster and their version of Haunted Mansion, which is called Phantom Manor! OOO spooky :P

Then comes going back to the states.... I'm gonna miss Matt sooooooo much :( but he's coming down to Florida real soon after I get down there.. so it wont be so bad.. i hope :( AND i get to visit with my family and celebrate a belated with Christmas with all of them.. then visit my bff Gabby in Milwaukee.... then off to WALT DISNEY WORLD!! im so excited for the warm weather, and the oppurtunity to once again make dreams come true! YAY! This time witht the role Photopass.... and with my old camera that i bought before the last CP just happening to die, im hoping for a newer, way better one for christmas...

Dear Santa,
love, me

Well That all for now.. write again soon


Monday, November 29, 2010

Blizzards in Newcastle + Thinking about New Years

Le Sigh!

Its really late at nite... and i am pooped... but my brain is still running...
so much to think about

such as:
( The front of our flat)
1) The crazy amounts of snow Newcastle has gotten over the past week or so. I guess this is the most snow England's gotten in the past 17 years.. Matt is totally blaming me for it ( He's not so much a snow person) He's saying i brought all the crazy snow from Wisconsin here to Newcastle... and I'm thinking he may be right, seeing as back home, theres been NO SNOW.... which is extremely odd... hmmmmmmm

2) My start date for my 2nd internship at Walt Disney World in Florida.... I cant tell you
how excited I am for this! Ive met some really cool people throught the facebook groups and I just cant wait to get down there! It'll make being separated from Matt such much easier...

( ME and My Man .. a few days ago :) )

:D I love Disney and how your troubles just melt away being somewhere so completely magical!

3) Christmas!!! Truly my favorite holiday...and I am WAAAAY ahead of the game... I have all but two of mine and Matt's christmas present bought... some of them are even wrapped, under the tree already! I also am ready to send off my christmas cards ( T
oy Story ones!! ) It'll be different than being at home for it, but being with Matt's family will be a close 2nd because they all are amazing and make me feel right at home... A traditional english christmas is something im looking forward to alot! I even have Matt's few presents all set :) hehehehe....


off to dreamland i go...

good nite world!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update :D Living it up in Newcastle

Wow.... not that anyone reads this, but i certainly havent made it easy to read with only two posts and the last one being in July..... my bad! Well, what to say, what to say...hmmmmmm: 1) I got to England... TA DA!!! Uni is going alright... Just have a million things coming up that are gonna be due. I'm pretty sure I have 3 different 2000 word essays due the beginning of December. And have only just started... so the next time I'll be able to post, WHO KNOWS?! LOL :P
2) Matt is as wonderful as ever.. I'm living with him and his brother Dan :) We
have done loads of stuff, like heading to Alton Towers which is this theme park, evidently the largest in the UK.... It's no WDW but it was still pretty fun! We've also been to see the Dr Who exhibit at the Life Center in Newcastle, Bommfire Night at the Roman Ruins , Halloween Fireworks at the Newcastle Racecourse and we're planning on going to Disney on Ice sometime soon . I'm so lucky to have someone to share all these experiences with, and am excited to make even more!

3) I'M GOING BACK TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! :D I got into another Disney College Program

Can u believe it! I'm going to be a Photopass photographer for Spring Advantage 2011 :D I feel as if I'm on my way home ... Disney makes me feel like a little kid again! :D I cannot wait for 8 whole months in Florida! :D I will be sad to leave Matt for that long, but it will be less depressing by going to my absolute favorite place in the world!!!!

I'll be posting again soon! Nite everyone xoxo