Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sleep all day , work all night & My Little Sis is a Star!

Helloooo World!! Weird as it is... I just woke up only two hours ago.... aka I've become nocturnal! Working for Security here at Riverview is.... interesting to say the least. I began the summer thinking the best thing to do was work at night so I could do stuff during the day.... BIG mistake.... My body is physically and mentally tired at the end of the neverending shifts ( Mostly 7pm-7am) that I sleep my days away...

Luckily, tonite I got off and am going to get to sleep at a decent hour so I can get on the bus tomorrow to get to Mayfair, cuz my Grandma is picking me up there to give me a ride to Beaver Dam, because my little sister is in her 2nd PLAY!! I got to see her in her first one HSM Jr this past Sunday and it was pretty cute, although she was only in the ensemble, BUT it was her first show ever, so i am sooooooo proud!! :D I've been trying to get her to try out forever and ever but she never would before due to be afraid of the audition. FINALLY she did though... the show she's in tomorrow nite is Alice in Wonderland jr. She plays one of the main flowers in A Golden
Afternoon and has a singing solo and everything! So excited to see it!

Well, Im off to talk to Matt on skype and perhaps watch Pirates 3 later
Peace and TTYS!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sooo... My very first blog entry.... how strange.... I guess this will be a good way to keep myself sane and just get everything out ( aka a way to vent! about EVERYTHING :P ) I know for certain I wont get anyone to actually read this but its not for anyone really except myself... and those i love dearly... and the occasional stalker :P but... such is life!

I'm here at Riverview, bored out of my mind and the thought that its only 10pm and i have another 9ish hours of sitting here makes me kinda want to 1) cry 2) pull out my hair 3) SLEEP.... i was an idiot and got up like a normal human being at 8:30am and now i get to suffer through staying awake.. bleh!

To update my future self, and anyone who might stumble upon this, I am STUDYING ABROAD THIS YEAR!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! England here I come! :) To be exact, The University of Sunderland, which is , I guess, in Northern England , right near the Scottish border.... super exciting! I cannot wait to be able to spend so much time with my amazing boyfriend Matt, who will also be moving to a nearby city just to be with me!! It'll be soooo nice not to have to use Skype, but to actually see and be with each other like a NORMAL relationship... LOL

Well, I've run outta things to say... for now :P
So peace!** Until next time....