Monday, November 29, 2010

Blizzards in Newcastle + Thinking about New Years

Le Sigh!

Its really late at nite... and i am pooped... but my brain is still running...
so much to think about

such as:
( The front of our flat)
1) The crazy amounts of snow Newcastle has gotten over the past week or so. I guess this is the most snow England's gotten in the past 17 years.. Matt is totally blaming me for it ( He's not so much a snow person) He's saying i brought all the crazy snow from Wisconsin here to Newcastle... and I'm thinking he may be right, seeing as back home, theres been NO SNOW.... which is extremely odd... hmmmmmmm

2) My start date for my 2nd internship at Walt Disney World in Florida.... I cant tell you
how excited I am for this! Ive met some really cool people throught the facebook groups and I just cant wait to get down there! It'll make being separated from Matt such much easier...

( ME and My Man .. a few days ago :) )

:D I love Disney and how your troubles just melt away being somewhere so completely magical!

3) Christmas!!! Truly my favorite holiday...and I am WAAAAY ahead of the game... I have all but two of mine and Matt's christmas present bought... some of them are even wrapped, under the tree already! I also am ready to send off my christmas cards ( T
oy Story ones!! ) It'll be different than being at home for it, but being with Matt's family will be a close 2nd because they all are amazing and make me feel right at home... A traditional english christmas is something im looking forward to alot! I even have Matt's few presents all set :) hehehehe....


off to dreamland i go...

good nite world!

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