Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update :D Living it up in Newcastle

Wow.... not that anyone reads this, but i certainly havent made it easy to read with only two posts and the last one being in July..... my bad! Well, what to say, what to say...hmmmmmm: 1) I got to England... TA DA!!! Uni is going alright... Just have a million things coming up that are gonna be due. I'm pretty sure I have 3 different 2000 word essays due the beginning of December. And have only just started... so the next time I'll be able to post, WHO KNOWS?! LOL :P
2) Matt is as wonderful as ever.. I'm living with him and his brother Dan :) We
have done loads of stuff, like heading to Alton Towers which is this theme park, evidently the largest in the UK.... It's no WDW but it was still pretty fun! We've also been to see the Dr Who exhibit at the Life Center in Newcastle, Bommfire Night at the Roman Ruins , Halloween Fireworks at the Newcastle Racecourse and we're planning on going to Disney on Ice sometime soon . I'm so lucky to have someone to share all these experiences with, and am excited to make even more!

3) I'M GOING BACK TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! :D I got into another Disney College Program

Can u believe it! I'm going to be a Photopass photographer for Spring Advantage 2011 :D I feel as if I'm on my way home ... Disney makes me feel like a little kid again! :D I cannot wait for 8 whole months in Florida! :D I will be sad to leave Matt for that long, but it will be less depressing by going to my absolute favorite place in the world!!!!

I'll be posting again soon! Nite everyone xoxo

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