Friday, December 10, 2010

Having a flu sucks.. but im trying to stay positive

Soooo.... getting sick SUCKS... my throat hurts, i have a massive headache and my nose is stuffed up. Joy of all joys.... and i have a MILLION THINGS TO GET DONE FOR NEXT WEEK... ehhhhhhhh not fun.

But all i can do is try to rest up while getting all my work done. I cant wait for next week to be over. Then, I'll have nothin but What the Dickens, Christmas, Disneyland Paris, Visiting family & Friends in Wisconsin, and then a full 8 months in Disney to look forward to!! :D

Speaking of What the Dickens,to clarify, it is a Christmas variety show and I have a solo ( Santa Baby) Matt has a solo and then we have a duet ( Baby It's Cold Outside) We have to find some backing tracks for the songs still ... but We've been practicing and its really coming together!

Christmas should also be fun!I get to spend time with Matt's family in Sheffield. After What the Dickens, I get to stay in Sheffield with his family for a week. I'm really excited to hang out with them. They make me already feel like one of the family, and are so funny and caring. Not to mention his house is completley MICKEY MOUSE and so cute! I love it! :D

Then comes Disneyland Paris.... cant wait to go. I've heard its different than Walt Disney World, but similar enough that I'll love it.. I definantly cant wait to go on Crush's Coaster and their version of Haunted Mansion, which is called Phantom Manor! OOO spooky :P

Then comes going back to the states.... I'm gonna miss Matt sooooooo much :( but he's coming down to Florida real soon after I get down there.. so it wont be so bad.. i hope :( AND i get to visit with my family and celebrate a belated with Christmas with all of them.. then visit my bff Gabby in Milwaukee.... then off to WALT DISNEY WORLD!! im so excited for the warm weather, and the oppurtunity to once again make dreams come true! YAY! This time witht the role Photopass.... and with my old camera that i bought before the last CP just happening to die, im hoping for a newer, way better one for christmas...

Dear Santa,
love, me

Well That all for now.. write again soon


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