Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There aint nothing gonna stop me now cause im almost there :D Almost there!


Its been quite awhile since I last posted, not that anyone really reads this, but I thought id update it for myself and and random personage who happen to pass my blog by.

(Me and My Guy)

Disneyland Paris was absolutely amazing! Matt and I spent 1 beautiful day in the parks, and the place was soooooooo quiet . Hardly any lines at all! The only ride we had to wait for was Crush Coaster and evidently according to Matt, that was a crazy short wait at only 20 minutes. I got to meet Princess Tiana and Jack Sparrow, both were a bit off... seeing as Tiana mysteriously had a British accent and was WHITE and Jack Sparrow spoke NO ENGLISH whatsoever. A few rides were better than WDW, such as Big Thunder since its longer with bigger drops, and Phantom Manor aka Haunted Mansion was not better, but very different and it was cool to see a different side to this type of ride. Overall, it was alot of fun, but with the guests all smoking everywhere, including on rides, it just wasnt as magical as WDW.

We then spent an adventerous night in Paris at the Aloha Hostel. Was about what i expected, although the website said the eiffel tour could be seen from the front door, which it totally could not... and it was a long walk to.

We got back from Paris and the next morning I flew back to the USA. I was so utterly depressed leaving Matt after spending so much time together. But I kept thinking happy thoughts and arrived in Wisconsin to stay with my grandparents for the night since Zach and I were both suprising the family, seeing as we had told them we both couldnt be home together... but sneakily, we were... mwahahaha!

We spent a few days together as a family with Zach's girlfriend Anika in both Milwaukee and Madison and then the love birds flew back to Seattle. Matt and I will be visiting them after the D23 Expo this coming September :D

NOW, onto the importants stuff... I leave for my Disney College Program in just 4 DAYS!!! O my Gosh! and I havent packed at all yet... I barely unpacked from being in England! AHHH crazy!

I'm very excited to meet all my roomates and suchness and get outta this ridiculously snowy wisconsin weather. I hate it! But to cheer myself up, I made a Vlog for all to enjoy which i will insert somewhere on this page. Took too long to put the vid itself on, but I shall link it on the Blog homepage... But for now, I better get packing!!!



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