Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaack : UPDATE

Wow... its been awhile since i've posted anything! 2 years! Incredible! I know a blog is a hard thing to keep up on but 2 years since posting seems a little ridiculous... so apologies!I almost thought about restarting the blog and throwing in the towel, but I know how good it was for me to write, so I'll keep this up and give it another go.  A lot has happened in 2 years... I married the love of my life, Matthew , Sept 1st 2012. Above is a photo of me and my amazing bridesmaids trying to recreate the Bridesmaids movie cover. It was a fantastic day and I wouldn't redo a single thing about it. 

We're currently working on getting Matthew his visa so we're spending (unfortunately) some time apart... Hopefully by this summer, he'll be able to move over to the USA. I CANT WAIT TILL THEN! 

This Christmas, I went over to England and visited Matt and his family. Matt's parents  threw us a 2nd reception (pictures to come from that) . Also got to see the London New Years Day Parade which my sister Lorelei and her marching band were apart of. It was all pretty amazing and I miss it all!

I am also restarting school. I had been going to UWM for a Theatre degree but after rethinking everything and taking a break from school, I've decided to go back and start at Moraine Park Technical College , starting with a CNA course and then giving me the summer to decide between a Nursing course or Medical Assistant course. I feel this is a wise chose seeing as there will always be jobs in the medical field whereas the Theatre field is ALOT harder to find a job in. I love working with people and starting with the CNA course will start me on the right path . It also will guarantee that one of us between Matt and myself , will have a steady income and I can let Matt work his way up the Disney ladder once we make the move to Florida.

I've also recently been trying to find God. When I was first confirmed Catholic, i had never felt closer to God. Through the years, distance came between us and I know He's still here but I dont feel that connection I use to... In a way, I'm hoping this new path in my life will bring me closer Him and let me "walk with him". Fingers crossed!

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