Friday, February 25, 2011

DCP Update!

Well, It's high time I updated this thing.... so much has happend since my last post! I have offically gotten to FLORIDA!! I am soo excited to be back here! I really adore my job as a photopass photographer for Disney's Animal Kingdom! So far, I have had day shifts, since I am not yet Night Shot Trained yet. (Which will change as of TOMORROW, when i get that completed at Epcot with my amazing roomie Amanda!)
I truly adore my job as a photopass photographer and love thinking that familys may buy my pictures and have them to look at years into the future to recall their amazing vacations! It gives me a really great feeling :)
I cannot wait to be character trained as well, cuz to be honest, I'm already a little bored of taking pictures of the Tree of Life, as cool as it may be :P :)
My Mom and I have recently been working on the Fritsche Girls Disney VACA 2011 :D My Mom , my little sister Lorelei and I will have 5 fabulous days together and I couldnt be more excited! They will be flying out in June so only 95ish days till they are here! We will be stayieng @the Pop Century Resort (Which is closest to DAK, just a FYI ) and will be going to all of the parks, as well as Downtown Disney and one of the Disney Waterparks, which i am convinced will not be as fun as Noahs Ark, but we shall see!
We are also going to Cape May Cafe @ the Beach Club Resort for a character breakfast,as well as Ohanas, my absolute favorite restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort , which is located @the Polynesian Resort. It'll be amazing to just chill and hang out with them, seeing as we havent ever had a vacation anywhere just us girls.
I'm scouring the different stores in the parks, as well as the cast exclusive shops for a princess dress for Lorelei, seeing as shes 12 and this trip will be the last one where she can get away with wearing a dress to the parks!
Matt, on the other hand, isnt sure when precisely he'll be able to come visit me . Either in April or August depending on $ (Such a curse that stuff is when you DONT have it ).
I know for sure August we are going to D23 ( A disney convention) that happens at a convention center in Anaheim, CA, which gives us a perfect excuse to visit Disneyland ( Which I have NEVER BEEN TO! ) .....SHOCKER, I KNOW! I am very excited to see World of Color and see the differences between parks. This will be the 3rd disney park ive been to.
We will probably also visit my brother Zach and his girlfriend Anika out in Seattle as well, so it should be a good time. We hope to use my discount and go on a Disney Cruise on that trip as well, who knows?!
Well, my brain now hurts trying to recall a vast amount of information and its getting near bedtime so , so long and hope to write again sooner than last time!
Me xoxoxox

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